Outdoor & Indoor Rock Climbing In New Hampshire

  • Northern New Hampshire Rock Climbing

    Rock climbing in New Hampshire is widely recognized for its diverse and high-quality climbing experiences, catering to all levels of climbers. The state’s varied terrain, geological features, and strong climbing community make it an exceptional destination. 

    Cathedral Ledge

    Located near North Conway, Cathedral Ledge is one of New Hampshire’s most famous climbing destinations. Known for its high-quality granite, Cathedral Ledge features classic multi-pitch routes like “Thin Air” and “Repentance”​  Climbers are rewarded with stunning vistas of the surrounding White Mountains and the Saco River Valley.

    Other notable and popular climbing spots are Whitehorse Ledge, Cannon Cliff, and Rumney Rocks. 

    Seasonal Climbing

    There are year-round opportunities in Northern New Hampshire for rock climbing, with each season providing unique challenges and experiences:

    Summer and Fall: Ideal for rock climbing, with warm weather and stable conditions.

    Winter: The state transforms into an ice climbing destination, with popular spots like Frankenstein Cliff and Mt. Washington offers excellent ice routes.​.

    Climbing Community and Support

    New Hampshire’s rock climbing community is active and supportive, with numerous organizations and climbing gyms providing resources and fostering a strong climbing culture:

    Climbing Organizations: Groups like the Mount Washington Valley Climbers’ Cooperative and the Rumney Climbers Association work to maintain climbing areas and promote safe climbing practices.

    Guiding Services: Services like International Mountain Climbing School offer instruction and guided climbs, catering to both beginners and experienced climbers​​.

  • Northern New Hampshire’s Indoor Rock Climbing Centers

    Northern NH is lucky to have the North Country Climbing Center within its borders. This exceptional climbing gym is the ONLY full-service White Mountains indoor rock climbing gym of New Hampshire. They are located in the Evergreen Sports Center on US Route 302 between Littleton and Lisbon NH.

    North Country Climbing Center is open 7 days a week and offers some of the best indoor rock climbing in NH. Indoor rock climbing is a great safe activity for families to participate in on a rainy day or anyday in general when looking for an indoor activity.. 

    Monday – Friday:  3:00pm – 10:00pm

    Saturday & Sunday:  11:00am – 8:00pm

    You can find their location with address on the map above as well as contact info, and instant GPS directions.

  • White Mountains Rock Climbing & NH Bouldering

    The White Mountains are renowned for their exceptional rock climbing & New Hampshire bouldering areas, drawing enthusiasts from around the globe.

    The White Mountains offer a wide range of climbing styles, including traditional (trad) climbing, sport climbing, bouldering, and ice climbing. This variety allows climbers to experience different challenges and develop a broad set of skills. For example, Cathedral Ledge near North Conway is famous for its multi-pitch trad routes, while Rumney Rocks is celebrated for its sport climbing routes on schist​ ​.

    The White Mountains’ geological formations provide high-quality rock for climbing. The granite at Cathedral Ledge offers solid, reliable holds and friction, ideal for traditional climbing. Rumney Rocks, on the other hand, features schist, which is well-suited for sport climbing with its natural pockets and ledges​.

    Climbers are treated to breathtaking views of the New England landscape, which enhances the overall climbing experience. Locations like Cannon Cliff provide not only challenging climbs but also panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, making the climbs as visually rewarding as they are physically demanding​ ​.

    Many New Hampshire White Mountains rock climbing areas are easily accessible, with well-maintained trails and amenities. 

    The White Mountains are home to a vibrant climbing community that supports both seasoned climbers and newcomers. 

    White Mountains rock climbing opportunities are provided in all seasons. While the warmer months are ideal for rock climbing, the colder months transform the area into a hotspot for ice climbing. Cathedral Ledge and Frankenstein Cliff are popular ice climbing destinations in winter, offering a different set of challenges and experiences for climbers​​.

    The region has a long history of climbing, with many routes established decades ago. This historical significance adds to the allure of the White Mountains, as rock climbers can follow in the footsteps of pioneering climbers and tackle classic routes that have stood the test of time​​.

    Safe climbing!