Inns & Bed & Breakfasts in New Hampshire

  • Best Bed & Breakfasts In NH

    Booking a stay at a bed and breakfast or inn in New Hampshire offers a truly enchanting escape, where the charm of New England hospitality meets the awe-inspiring beauty of the region’s natural landscapes. Imagine waking up in a cozy, beautifully furnished room to the gentle sound of birdsongs and the sight of mist rising over the mountains. Each morning starts with a homemade breakfast crafted from local ingredients, served in a quaint dining room or on a sun-drenched porch overlooking lush gardens or serene lakes.

    Staying at a local inn or bed and breakfast in New Hampshire allows you to fully immerse yourself in the idyllic settings that the region is renowned for. Whether you’re visiting Northern NH during the vibrant fall foliage season, the snowy wonderland of winter, the blossoming spring, or the warm, inviting summer, the region offers an ever-changing tapestry of natural beauty. Picture yourself enjoying a leisurely afternoon sipping tea by a crackling fireplace, or perhaps you prefer to relax in a rocking chair on a wraparound porch, soaking in the panoramic views of rolling hills and untouched forests.


    Each inn and bed and breakfast in New Hampshire is unique, often reflecting the rich history and character of the area. Many of these Northern NH getaways are housed in meticulously restored historic buildings, offering a sense of stepping back in time while providing all the modern comforts and amenities you need. The innkeepers are not just hosts, but storytellers and guides, eager to share their knowledge of local attractions, hidden gems, and the best spots to experience the region’s outdoor adventures.

    Spend your days exploring charming small towns, with their antique shops, art galleries, and local markets, or venture into the wilderness for hiking, skiing, or kayaking. After a day of adventure, returning to your bed and breakfast or inn feels like coming home. Enjoy a cozy evening in a charming common area, where you can meet fellow travelers, or retreat to the privacy of your room, where comfort and tranquility await. Staying in Northern New Hampshire, bed and breakfasts and inns are the best way to feel like you’re part of the fabric of wherever you’re staying, if only for a time.

  • Great Inns In New Hampshire

    Northern New Hampshire has over 30 inns and B&B’s to choose from and they are all worth a visit. With so much variation in what a bed and breakfast or inn experience can be, the wide selection of inns and bed & breakfasts in NH is sure to have something for everyone. Check out the map above for a complete list as well as their locations, directions, and contact information. 

  • What Makes a Good B&B in NH?

    While what makes a good B&B is true anywhere, there’s a lot about New Hampshire’s B&Bs and inns that make them worth a trip! 

    The whole point of a B&B is to experience warm hospitality and personalized service. In Northern New Hampshire, our owners and staff are friendly, welcoming, and attentive to guests’ needs, providing helpful recommendations for local attractions, dining options, and activities. With so much to do all over New Hampshire, your hosts will have no trouble pointing you in the right direction. After a long day, it’ll be heaven to come back to your B&B and relax in a comfortable bed with clean sheets and lots of amenities. Things like concierge services, afternoon tea or wine receptions make a typical vacation in New England feel like a 5-star experience. 

    One of the highlights of staying at a B&B is often the delicious homemade breakfast served each morning. A good B&B offers a varied and freshly prepared breakfast menu featuring locally sourced ingredients, homemade baked goods, and creative dishes that cater to different dietary preferences and restrictions. New Hampshire B&Bs in the picturesque White Mountains of Northern NH absolutely exemplify what people hope to experience when they stay at a B&B. With so many local farmers and a down to earth culture, guests end up feeling like they’re being pampered, making friends, and learning about what it’s really like to live in such a beautiful part of New England!

    Many guests choose to stay at a B&B for its unique charm and character. A good B&B reflects the local culture and heritage through its décor, furnishings, and architecture, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere that distinguishes it from chain hotels. In the northern region of New Hampshire, B&Bs and inns help you find and enjoy the abundance of wildlife, gorgeous landscapes and powerful vistas that the region is renowned for. Guests will be able to see gorgeous art and cozy wood interiors when they stay at a B&B in New Hampshire. If visitors really want to understand the place that they’re visiting, staying at a local Inn or B&B will allow them to get a sense of the social culture as well as bear witness to the day to day lives of those who live there.