Northern New Hampshire Camping Sites

  • Best Options For Camping in New Hampshire

    With over 70 different Northern NH campgrounds located all around the region, you are sure to find a site that you’ll love. There is nothing like camping in New England’s most pristine wilderness. The Great North Woods and White Mountain regions of Northern NH boast some of the darkest night skies in New England making star gazing incredible, while offering direct access to every outdoor activity imaginable. 

    Here are some of the best options for camping in this region:

    Connecticut Lakes Region:: Located in Pittsburg and Colebrook NH, and home to Moose Alley, the Connecticut Lakes Region offers some of the best New Hampshire campgrounds on lakes and rivers in the country. Lake Francis State Park, Coleman State Park, and Deer Mountain State Campground  are accompanied by many privately owned campgrounds in the region and provide an incredibly serene setting for tent or RV camping with easy access to fishing, boating, and viewing wildlife. You’ll notice that there aren’t many houses or camps on the Connecticut Lakes. The shore lines have been preserved for decades so you’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time when mother nature was still the boss. If you want to see moose in their natural habitat and bald eagle babies taking their first flight, then you’ll love it here. Ow yes, one more thing, when the sun sets be sure to go outside to witness some of the darkest night skies in New England. Thousands of stars explode into view from horizon to horizon, just like it might have been when you were young. Let it remind us of how big the cosmos is, and how small our day to day worries might be. 

    White Mountain National Forest: With its vast expanse of 770,000 acres this pristine wilderness is one of the most beautiful places in the United States. Our  White Mountain campgrounds provide easy access to some of the world’s most iconic hiking trails and scenic vistas. Mount Washington, King of the White Mountains, stands proudly at the center. 6288 feet tall , and always surveying its domain, this famous giant is the largest mountain in the North East and home to some of the world’s worst weather. It can be seen from almost anywhere in the region.  The other giant Northern Presidentials and their 3000-4000 foot siblings offer some of the most memorable views you will have while camping with friends and family.  

    Ammonoosuc River: This beautiful river winds its way east to west through Northern NH, from Bretton Woods to Bethlehem and all the way through Littleton NH. There are many campgrounds around this gorgeous river which provide hundreds of excellent campsites with quick access to hiking, shopping, great restaurants, and our many White Mountain Attractions, like the Cog Railway and Santa’s Village. 

    Androscoggin River: Along the banks of the Androscoggin River, you’ll find several camping areas offering scenic campsites and outdoor recreation opportunities. New Hampshire State Park Camping sites like Mollidgewock State Park provide shoreside camping and access to this historic river for fishing, kayaking, and ofcourse wildlife viewing. The Moose Path Scenic Byway follows the Andoscoggin from Berlin to Errol, and besides being extremely scenic, is one of the best places to view moose besides Moose Alley in Pittsburg.  

    Lake Umbagog: Located in Errol NH, this 12.5 square mile giant is home to the 21,650 acre Lake Umbagog Wildlife Refuge. The lake and refuge is home to hundreds of different species of native plants and animals. Moose, Loon, and Eagles all make their way here in the summer to nest, eat, and raise their newborn babies. There are camping options in town as well as lakeside and private island campsites at The Umbagog Lake State Park. You won’t hear many motor boats on this lake, but you may hear the slight paddle stroke from a passing canoe or kayak. Peaceful as can be preserved to stay that way, if you want you and your family to experience nature untouched and the dark night sky of Northern NH, Lake Umbagog and the town of Errol is another great option. 

    These are just a few of the best camping sites in Northern New Hampshire, with over 70 campgrounds to choose from you’ll surely be able to find one you like and enjoy the beauty of the region’s natural landscapes and outdoor recreation opportunities. Be sure to check out the map above for a complete list with locations, contact information, and directions.

  • New Hampshire’s White Mountain Camping Sites

    People love camping for a variety of reasons, and with 70+ New England campgrounds scattered across Northern New Hampshire alone, you’ll certainly find the campground that you are looking for. We have remote sites on islands in the middle of pristine lakes as well as family campgrounds with waterslides and trains and everything in between. Go to the map above for a complete list of some of the best campsites in New Hampshire and New England.

    There’s a diverse range of White Mountain camping experiences across Northern New Hampshire, catering to all types of campers. Here’s a closer look at what makes camping in the White Mountain National Forest unique:

    Diverse Campground Options: From primitive tent sites to well-equipped RV parks, the White Mountain campgrounds have something for everyone. Sites like the ones at Dolly Copp in Pinkham Notch provide picturesque settings along rivers and within forests.

    Access to Iconic Trails: The White Mountains are home to some of New England’s most famous hiking trails like the Appalachian Trail Tuckerman Ravine Trail. Camping here gives you easy access to many trail options, perfect for day hikes or multi-day backpacking trips.

    Scenic Beauty: The White Mountain region is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, from the towering peaks of Mount Washington to the tranquil waters of Ammonoosuc River. Seasonal campgrounds like Timberland Campground and Twin Mt KOA offer stunning views and close proximity to scenic spots like Pinkham Notch and Crawford Notch. 

    Adventure Activities: In addition to hiking, the White Mountains offer a variety of outdoor activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking,  fishing, and ATVing. Many campgrounds, like those found around the towns of Gorham, Jefferson, Twin Mountain, and Bretton Woods serve as excellent base camps for these adventures.

    Seasonal Attractions: Whether you want to visit in the lush summer months or during the vibrant fall foliage season, the White Mountains provide a captivating backdrop for seasonal camping in New Hampshire. Winter camping is also very popular for those who enjoy snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

    Wildlife Viewing: The White Mountain National Forest is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including moose, bobcats, and a variety of bird species. Campgrounds such as Sugarloaf I and II in Bretton Woods offer excellent opportunities for wildlife observation.

    Camping in the White Mountains of New Hampshire provides a unique blend of adventure, natural beauty, and a range of outdoor activities, making it a top destination for nature enthusiasts.

  • RV Campgrounds in New Hampshire

    In Northern New Hampshire, you’ll find that most of our campgrounds offer RV camping options with a range of amenities and scenic locations. Whether you are looking for full hookups, pull-through sites, or waterfront views, you’ll find RV campgrounds to suit your needs. Be sure to check availability and reservation requirements, especially during peak camping seasons. Enjoy your stay at our RV campgrounds in New Hampshire!